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Advantages of Print Advertising Versus Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has started to dominate every field of business. But print advertising still holds a good place in the marketing landscape. Digital advertising is indeed revolutionary and the marketing form of the future. But print advertisement still has its own benefits. 

In this article, I am going to show you some of the key advantages of digital and print advertisements. It will help you to choose the right promotional method for your need and grow your business further. Let’s check them out. 

Physical Presence Vs Virtual Presence 

Print advertising gives your brand a physical presence. Digital or virtual advertisement can’t replace it. People still feel more connected to glossy magazine pages with advertisements. It is something that a consumer can store in real-life. Digital presence does not always leave a long-lasting impression. But things can be different if you have a highly skilled digital marketer team by your side.  


Most of the digital advertising options are not credible. People still can’t believe in things that they don’t see. Besides, there is also a higher chance of scams in digital promotion. Some consumer likes to see a physical advertisement on credible physical platforms. Digital promotion still needs a lot of time to author a new future of business or brand promotion.

Target Audience 

Digital advertising is way ahead when it comes to targeting an audience. You can go for specific interests, tastes, and recent searches. It is most often not possible in print advertising. But you can go with demographic selection and people with similar interests. A better targeting tool for promotion always gives you heads-up on fast business growth. I will always go with digital advertising for specifically targeted brand promotion.  


Digital platforms are saturated with advertisements. Print advertisements can always give you a saturation-free placement. You can always spend some extra cash and get the best advertisement board placement. For example, there is still no Time Square-like place for digital promotion. There might be some big sites, but they still need a lot of time to make names like New York Times Square. 

Emotional Connection 

Creative print advertisements can be a great option to create an emotional connection with potential customers. You can always make use of a2 poster printing and make your boards more appealing. Digital advertisement is also not that far behind. A great 3D digital printing is hard to beat on the modern market. Both marketing method has the ability to create brand loyalty. 

Cost Effective 

The digital form of advertisement has no printing cost. You can just spend based on CPC (Cost-Per-Click). But print advertisement has printing and installation cost. In this sense, digital advertisement seems to be a cost-effective choice. Well, you can also cut down the cost of print advertisement by a good margin when you go for bulk printing orders. So, if you are working with a larger audience, then both digital and print advertisements can do the trick for you.     

Screen Vs Beyond The Screen 

Digital advertisement interacts through the screen. More screen time for people means more they will interact with digital promotion. But print advertisement is here for beyond the screen experience. It would be best if you also found a way to connect people with your brand outside the digital screen. Select print advertisements and give hands-on experience to the customers. 


Digital advertisement and print advertisement has their own set of advantages. Print advertisements can still make a lot of difference to your brand. You already know what they bring to the table for your business or brand. 

It is better to experience both the form of advertisement before picking a single one. You can also stay active on both print and digital advertisements. The combination can enhance your brand credibility and overall business growth.

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