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The Importance of Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

During the winter season when the days and nights get colder people start feeling the temptation to ignite the fire and sit in front of the fireplace. Before this season approaches, make sure that all the aspects of the fireplace are in perfect shape and properly cleaned to guarantee safety. Make sure that you never build a fire in a dirty place which applies both to gas and wooden fireplaces.

As people use fireplaces in the winter, it is that time when most of the house owners realize that there is some problem with it. But those who wait till winter to schedule chimney repair appointments could have to wait for a long time because chimney cleaning companies are all occupied. Besides that, here are a few other reasons that will help you understand why you should schedule chimney cleaning and maintenance services.

1.      Locate Obstructions

Similar to gutters and downspouts, chimneys are also prone to getting clogged due to the accumulation of debris. Mostly the chimneys get clogged due to the pile-up of debris involving sticks, branches, leaves, and animal nests. However, animal nests are usually built in chimneys in the summer or spring season or can also vary based on the area you live. This means squirrels, bats, birds or any number of insect species can form a nest. Hence you would not want to light a fire only to abruptly learn the flue is blocked due to a nest or a bunch of leaves. Besides that, you could spark a fire, get exposed to carbon monoxide, or trap yourself in smoke backing up into your house.

2.      Reduce The Risk Of A Fire

One smart and safe move is to hire a professional chimney sweep who can assist in cleaning and monitoring the chimney. Keeping aside the obstruction within the chimney, you also need to be worried about the creosote which is a dark, tar-like substance that sticks to the walls of chimneys. This compound builds up in the walls of the chimney when wood burns and is considered a highly flammable compound. As it is the leading cause of house fires or chimney fires, make sure to get professional services to clean chimneys before winter starts.

3.      Improve Efficiency

A fireplace is only as efficient as it is clean. So, when you might be utilizing the fireplace to save money on heating bills, the heat produced may not be as good and warm as it could be. Before burning wood in your fireplace in the upcoming chilly season, get your fireplace cleaned and all components monitored.

4.      Chimney Repairs Might Be Needed

In case your chimney technician detects an issue with your fireplace, you will have to get it repaired before you can safely use it again. However, one thing that must not be forgotten is that some repairs can not be done as quickly as others. For certain repairs, you need to wait till the beginning of the season. Waiting until winter starts to contact professionals shows that the time spent waiting for repairs will cut into the time you get to use your fireplace.

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