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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 – BBQs 2u is the Right Place to Find them

Many love it when they get to enjoy organising barbecue parties, grilling weekends, and some other such events in their backyards.

The goal here is to not only gather all the near and dear ones in one place, but also to let everyone have some personal time with one another.

This is when the top-quality barbecue, grill, and pizza ovens will be of great help, and BBQs 2u is the perfect destination.

With a family history of more than two generations, BBQs 2u has been in the market for more than a few decades. This family-owned retail business was handed down from one generation of grills, barbecue, and baking lovers to another.

As a result, interested chefs can find everything about utilising the cooking units of Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizzas, Napoleon, and Blackstone Griddles UK to the fullest.

One of the many best quality products that are available in BBQs 2u is from Masterbuilt. Their next-gen Gravity series has made quite a revolution in the world of barbecue grills, and Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050 takes pride in being the next best thing that is added to this list.

This Gravity series product of Masterbuilt is designed with the idea of allowing both gas and charcoal to heat the unit.

This product is versatile to use as it comes with the option to bake, roast, grill, sear, and even smoke any food item to the required cooking levels.

This is a gravity-fed cooking unit and the users can enjoy cooking in it continuously for 8 hours, once it is lit.

The beauty of using Masterbuilt Gravity products is that it allows the users to get the food they require with smoky flavour to the required levels.

They are very versatile to use, easy to handle, and are also very easy to control just like a gas-heated barbecue unit. These are the best choice for people who love enjoying the outdoor cooking experience to the fullest.

When heated, the unit can reach up to the temperature of 370 degrees within the next 15 minutes.

Every unit is provided with all the required accessories including the sear cast iron gates, reversible smoke units, an in-built digital fan, foldable stainless steel side shelves, a meat probe thermometer, temperature gauge, the charcoal bags weighing 5 to 8 kg, searing requirements, and so on.

When someone purchases Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050 from BBQs 2u, they can purchase the grill brush, the covering unit for these grills, the natural firelighters, the rotisseries, and many other such items.

The BBQ units are all designed with an in-built Bluetooth connectivity option. Hence, it can be connected via a smartphone with the help of an exclusive app.

BBQs 2u has many wonderful products to offer its customers, and one such name is the Masterbuilt Gravity series.

The buyers can check the available variety in this category and find the one that fits all their requirements, including their budget.

The buyers can even order all the required accessories along with the product in this destination, with the help of all history of available choices for them.

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