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Keep An Eye For This When Buying Chicken from Online Butchers

Buying from online butchers is a staple in this day and age, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down, here are some things to keep an eye on when you’re buying chicken online, so you and your loved ones stay healthy.  

  1. Check The Look & Smell

When your chicken arrives at your door you should make sure that it’s fresh and pink. It should also be free of cosmetic damage such as tears in the packaging, cuts or bruises. You also want chicken that is plump, so if you press it will bounce back. Also, very importantly when you open the packaging, the chicken should smell nice and fresh with a neutral smell. 

  1. Check Liquids

When your chicken arrives at your door you will want to make sure there’s no extra liquid in the packaging. This is usually something that happens when chicken is cooled by water immersion, and once it’s been sitting for a while the chicken lets go of these fluids and this negatively affects its flavour and texture. 

  1. Make Sure Packaging Is Still Cold

It goes without saying, but if your chicken arrives at your door warm, and the packaging is no longer cold. It must be discarded immediately. Room temperature chicken is a breeding ground for bacteria and things like salmonella can make you seriously ill. If you find your package is not cold, you can always request a refund from your online butcher, just make sure you take photos for proof. 

  1. Pre-trimmed chicken is Best

If you’re not a fan of touching and handling meat or you don’t know how to do it safely, deboned and trimmed chicken is a better option. Then all you need to do is open it and cook it and this reduces the likelihood of bacteria interacting with the chicken.  

  1. Antibiotic-Free Chicken

  This one is technically for before the chicken arrives at your door, but you want to buy chicken that is free of antibiotics and unnecessary extras. This should be disclosed by the butcher on the website, so you know what you’re getting beforehand. Alongside this, you should also look for organic, humanely bred and slaughtered chicken that is vegetable-fed and non-GMO. This is a lot of words but it’s worth it for good chicken! 

  1. Choose A Farm Direct Option

Again, this is another one that has to do with the butcher, not the chicken but it does translate to better fresh cuts. You want to make sure the online butcher you choose is committed to farm direct cuts. By cutting out the middleman, your meat will be fresher and this is always a good thing. 

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